Volume 2, Issue 3, 2020, Page 36 - 64
Author(s) :
Leila Abdollahzadeh Ramhormozi *1 , Nasim Ghassemian Movahed 2
1 PhD in International Economics, a talented member of the Young and Elite Researchers Club of the Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch .
2 Master of international business economics, City University London

Abstract :
The impact of sanctions on the banking industry has been the impact on foreign exchange ‎reserves, the increase in the risk of financing the bank, restrictions on withdrawals from the ‎bank's financial resources abroad, increased credit risks. In this regard, the purpose of this study ‎was to develop and present Bank Mellat marketing strategies taking into account the five ‎competitive forces of the bank and the impact of sanctions on these forces. The statistical ‎population of the study is 50 experts of Bank Mellat in Tehran, which has been used with two ‎questionnaire tools in the field of strong competitive components for Bank Mellat in the ‎conditions of sanctions and then evaluating the strategic position of these competitive ‎components. In order to determine the superior competitive components of the mean comparison ‎test and to examine the strategic position of each of the strong competitive components in the ‎conditions of sanctions that were determined in the previous stage, internal, external environment ‎and action and strategic position evaluation matrices were used. The results showed that from the ‎component that creates competition, 10 components from other components have more ‎competitive power in closed economy conditions and all 10 components were approved. From ‎the point of view of experts in the area of strategic position, they have been aggressive for this ‎bank. Among these, the two competing components "changing customers 'tendency to invest in ‎the stock market instead of bank deposits" and "customers' incentives to make a profit from their ‎capital" have the best and most aggressive position in this matrix and "application change cost" ‎Bank Mellat services and products have had the least aggressive position in this matrix. The ‎results also showed that the most important competitive power for Bank Mellat in closed ‎conditions is "power "Customer bargaining" and "the power of alternative products and services", ‎which is quite logical given the current economic and financial uncertainties for customers to use ‎banking services. ‎

Keywords :
Marketing Strategy, Closed Economy, Bank Mellat

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10 Jul 2020
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10 Aug 2021
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31 Aug 2020