Achieve Competitive Advantage Through Green Human Resource Management
Achieve Competitive Advantage Through Green Human Resource Management
Volume 1, Issue 2, 2019, Page 136 - 144
Authors : Mahmoud radfar

Abstract :
This study proposes evolves around obtaining sustainable competitive advantage through Green HRM. The objective of this review is to explore green human resource management practices of organizations based on the existent literature. In this emerging field, it has been generally observed that the existent literature has to be extended further from the perspective of functions of Human Resource Management (HRM). It reveals that much of the past research focused on a few functions of HRM such as recruitment, training and development, performance evaluation and reward management in integrating environmental management with HRM though HRM has more potential and scope in improving organization’s environmental performance. Hence, this review incorporates diverse functions of HRM to explore the respective green HRM practices under those functions. The findings of the review have identified and highlighted several green HRM practices under the 5 functions of HRM such as Green Management, Green performance evaluation, Green training and development , Green employee discipline management, Green employee relations . The contribution of this paper lies in extending the scope and depth of green HRM in materializing sustainable environmental performance of organizations.

Keywords :
Green, Human Resource Management, Green HRM, Practices, Organization