Volume 1, Issue 4, 2019, Page 301 - 310
Authors : Ebrahim Forghani

Abstract :
With the spread of the coronavirus in the world, many businesses faced major problems and unprecedented recession. Governments have also put special laws and social distancing on the agenda to face the disease. The epidemic has had several effects on consumer buying behavior. People rush to the shops to get the items they need, especially online stores, which are very popular among all stores. This increase in demand for supplies due to the corona epidemic has created numerous problems for online stores. The purpose of this article is to rank the barriers to online shopping at the time of the outbreak of the Corona virus, and five main barriers to doing so have been identified. In this paper, the Fuzzy Hierarchy Process (FAHP), triangular numbers and expert opinions are used to compare pairs. It has been seen that the shortage of goods has the highest weight compared to others. Finally, suggestions are made to remove these barriers.

Keywords :
Keywords: COVID-19, Fuzzy AHP, barriers, online shopping

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