Volume 2, Issue 2, 2020, Page 27 - 35
Authors : Samaneh Khosravian

Abstract :
Today, the field of finance is one of the fundamental areas of activity in the world, in which, as actors in the monetary and financial markets banks, financial and credit institutions, besides investment companies have significant responsibilities. In business competition, effective CRM has become a key challenge. Organizations require data about who their customers are, what their expectations and needs are, and how their needs can be met. This paper seeks to examine the association between CRM and banking industry’s marketing performance. Banks employ some methods including CRM, customer value analysis, organizational strategy and service mechanisms improving the efficiency of customer communication in order to retain the existing customers and attract new ones. This is an applied study in terms of purpose and a descriptive-analytical review in terms of method and nature. The library method was used for collecting the obtained data. Finally, the final conclusion was made and appropriate recommendations were presented after analyzing the obtained data.

Keywords :
Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing, Banking, Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty

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